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Donald Kuspit - June 2010
Dusty Boynton's works are as timelessly fresh as ever: her inner child remains alive and well in her art. Again and again we see children, often as fantastic as the flowers that accompany them. In one work, Cowgirl, they have luscious, rather womanly red lips and four white teeth, the first adult ones a child might grow after it has lost its baby teeth. There is no bottom row of teeth, confirming the child's immaturity, even as the florid lips confirm its sexual nature (as Freud showed)... more

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New York Times - December 1988
A Childlike Style That Isn't Childish - By William Zimmer
Outside of that associated with Unicef, there is not much children's art as wholehearted as that made by Dusty Boynton, whose works are now being exhibited at Gallery Jupiter in Little Silver. But there is a surprise: The maker of these appealing paintings and ink drawings is not a child, but a woman in middle age.

If it is a surprise to see this art here, it fits in with the taste of Brian Reddy, director of Gallery Jupiter. His taste is expressionistic (one remembers especially lively shows by Bill Barrell and Gary Komarin), so Ms. Boynton's debut at the gallery is appropriate. It's just that her style, which, at least in a couple of paintings, apes children's art to a T, is an extreme of expressionism... more